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2019 „Museum Roßdorf“ „Dieter Otto Berschinski + Esteban Fekete“
2018 “Kunstarchiv Darmstadt” „Committed to color“
„Museum Roßdorf“ „Alternation of view“ from Esteban Fekete and Ortrud Sturm
2017 „Museum Roßdorf“ „With the look of an early art lover“
2016 „Museum Roßdorf“ „Brought on direction“
2015 „Museum Roßdorf“ „Fekete and his artist friends“
2014 „Museum Roßdorf“ „Towards Ireland or elsewhere– E.F. on travel“
„Museum Fechenbach“ in Dieburg, „For Ninetieth
2013 “Museum Roßdorf” “The vultures and the past”
“Galerie Schneider” in Langenau / Ulm, Colour-Woodcuts
2012 “Museum Roßdorf” “Symbolic Still Life
2011 “Museum Roßdorf” “Great unique and paintings from the estate
“Kunstarchiv Darmstadt” Film / text / collage “Birthday at Fekete”
“Museum Roßdorf” Early colour woodcuts on Exhibition posters 1960 – 1975
“Kunstarchiv Darmstadt” Painting “Circus Fekete”
2010 “Museum Roßdorf” “Tools from his studio and large unique”
“Fürstenlager” near Alsbach (Damenbau), Kunstfreunde Bergstraße, Retrospektive
2009 “Museum Roßdorf” ” 22 Behindglass pictures of the last years”
“Museum Roßdorf” reading “Koxkox and Kikequetzel”
2008 “Museum Roßdorf” reading “The golden rooster”
2007 “Museum Roßdorf” 55 Small formats
“Museum Roßdorf” Behindglass pictures on the occasion of international museum day ” museums and universal inheritance”
2006 “Fürstenlager” near Alsbach (Damenbau), Kunstfreunde Bergstraße, Poster
“Galerie on the Savignyplatz”  Painting on glass
“Museum Roßdorf”  Behindglass pictures
2005 “Museum Roßdorf”  – How does a Fekete – colour-woodcut originate? – Pressure demonstration with auction
“Museum Roßdorf”  Colour-woodcuts with local views – Darmstadt and farther surroundings
“Gallery Capriola” Großostheim, Glass pictures and colour-woodcuts
2004 “Museum Roßdorf” Behindglass pictures
2003 “Gallery on the Savignyplatz” Berlin, Behindglass pictures
“Büchergilde” Heidelberg, Colour wood-cuts
“Museum Roßdorf” Drawings
2002 “Büchergilde” Berlin, Wittenbergplatz; Colour wood-cuts
“Büchergilde” Frankfurt; Drawings, colour wood-cuts
“Fürstenlager” near Alsbach (Damenbau), Kunstfreunde Bergstraße; Colour wood-cuts
“Museum Roßdorf”, Opening of the Fekete foundation; Oil pictures, pastels, colour wood-cuts
2001 “Büchergilde” Darmstadt; Colour wood-cuts
“Büchergilde” Mainz; Colour wood-cuts
“Gallery on the Savignyplatz”, Dr. Friedrich Rothe, Berlin; Pastels, drawings
2000 “Fürstenlager” near Alsbach; Oil picture, colour wood-cuts
“Theatre Bensheim”: 8 Oil pictures, 3 pastels
“Town hall Roßdorf”: Collection Nestmann; Colour wood-cuts, oil pictures
“Technology center Telekom Nova”, Darmstadt; Oil pictures
“Gallery Palatina Edition Winterberg”, Heidelberg; Work-show on the occasion of the 75-th birthday and the book presentation of the workregister of the pressure graphic arts IV
“Picture cabinet Markwart Müller-Linow”, Darmstadt; „Esteban is 75“
“Gallery on the Savignyplatz”, Berlin; Exhibit on the 75-th birthday
“Art forum Seligenstadt e.V.”
1998 “Gallery on the Grassholz”, Würzbug
“Artfriends Bergstraße e.V., Kur- und Verkehrsverein Auerbach 1866 e.V.”, Auerbach; Retrospektive
1997 “Picture cabinet Markwart Müller-Linow”, Darmstadt
“Die Ladengalerie”, Berlin
“Kunsthistorischer Verein Roßdorf”, Opening of the Fekete cabinet and exhibit „ summer harvest in 1996 “
1995 “Gallery Litterer”, Wiesenbach near Heidelberg
“Town hall Neresheim”
1994 “Old people’s home Roßdorf”, near Darmstadt
“Gallery in the office house”, Oberwisheim near Bruchsal
“Art cabinet Schomaker”, Bielefeld
“Gallery on the Grasholz”, Würzburg
“Art center Darmstadt” in collaboration with the gallery Netuschil; retrospective to the 70-th birthday
1993 “Museum Messel”, near Darmstadt
1992 “Volksbank Wertheim-Bestenheid”
“Gallery Reßmann, Mannheim”
“Gallery von Staden, Delmenhorst”
“Freizeitzentrum Stieghorst, Bielefeld”
1991 “Gallery Reßmann, Mannheim”
“Volksbank Weinheim”
“Museum Castle Schönfels, near Zwickau”
“Town hall Kindberg, near Graz”
“Museum Szombathey, Ungarn”
1990 “Arts centre Roßdorf, Thüringen”
“Museum Alter Bahnhof, Roßdorf bei Darmstadt”
“Student Cultural centre, Dunakeszi, Ungarn”
“Cultural centre Komitat Heves, Eger, Ungarn”
“Municipal gallery, Hatvan, Ungarn”

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