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Deutsche VersionEsteban Fekete was born and grew up in Hungary and lived in Argentina for a long time where he got married and made his breakthrough as an artist. In 1964 the couple moved to Germany and finally settled down near Darmstadt.

Ursula Paschke und Esteban Fekete

Ursula Paschke und Esteban Fekete

Art critics, galleries, collectors and friends of his art within the country and abroad support his work which has become well known to many art interested people. Nevertheless thanks to its unconventionality it is still regarded a ‘’hot ticket’’ in modern art. As a remarkable maverick of our days he became 1979 the first prize-holder of the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Prize for fine arts of the country of Darmstadt-Dieburg.

With this site we want to present his works to the numerous Fekete friends and -collectors and keep them up to date on the latest development. Some might recognize new aspects in the artist or will be able to view yet unpublished pictures.

Moreover this homepage aims to address those visitors who do not yet belong to the circle of Fekete-friends in order to attract their attention and wake the passion for Feketes works.

Part of the homepage is the former Gallery EDITION ANONYMA conducted by Ursula Paschke.

The business of the Company EDITION ANONYMA is with effect from 31.12.2008 terminated. For information of any kind is Ursula Paschke still available (see contact).

Ursula Paschke
Peter Rosenbaum, Webmaster


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