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The museum of artisanry of southern Hessen was expanded in 1996 by a second building, called remise. It should demonstrate various artisanry work processes across two stories. Esteban Fekete provided generous financial support for the heating installation of the building.

In the upper story of the building he installed, as part of the permanent exposition, a small cabinet with colour woodcuts. They are arranged in chronological order. This cabinet provides an overview across his special development over time in woodcut technique. Furthermore a small showcase presents a set of woodblocks and a printing progression in order to demonstrate and explain the development of a Fekete colour woodcut. In addition listings of his works and a resume can be seen.

The Fekete foundation received after the artist’s death major parts of his heritage as a permanent loan. The cabinet remained intact even after the installation of the Fekete gallery in the main building. This allowed for moving major parts of his working studio from his home into the building. Copper plate printing press, cylinder, tubes of oil paint, scrapers on the working table and the four to six single color printing woodblocks, the latter being essential for the distinctive characteristics of a typical Fekete colour woodcuts, impressively demonstrate the overall process. However even after visiting all those revealing details the accomplishment of those printed coloured miracles of Fekete does remain a mystery.

Further information on the Fekete foundation at the museum of artisanry
of southern Hessen is available on the sites indicated below
Cultural-historical Association Roßdorf reg.Ass.

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