Fekete – Foundation (GB)

museum1_600When the Cultural Historian Association of Rossdorf presented Esteban Fekete the great chance for a long-term presentation of his art, he decided to launch a foundation. This foundation is nowadays held in trust by the Museum of Handicrafts of Southern Hessia.

In a spacious area in the museum and with ideal lighting there are presented the most beautiful examples covering different periods of creativity of his work – paintings arranged side by side with graphic arts. And if you want to get some further explanation to and of this brilliant world of colours spread out to you, you may spend 5.00 EUR to get a catalogue having an introduction by Dr. Roland Held of Darmstadt.



Further information on the Fekete foundation at the museum of artisanry
of southern Hessen is available on the sites indicated below 
Cultural-historical Association Roßdorf .


Video – Portrait


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