Stamps (GB)

Deutsche VersionEsteban Fekete removed the stamps of letters and postcards of his mail very carefully.

With a superfine paint brush and magnifying glass the stamps have been painted, whereupon the printed post motives have been embedded (here a typical example).
Ambrosial miniatures have been generated.

Evening ambiance, The crows of Inchiquin, Charity, Removal, Fishermen of the river, Pipe smoker, It is burning II, Cat at the window, Our fish meal, The painter, It is burning I, Stormy sea, Mail Fekete, At the coffee table.

The comparison of Esteban Fekete´s  artistically metamorphosis of the original stamp of the “Deutsche Bundespost” shows the embedding of the printed theme “Fränkische Schweiz” with its timbered houses into the miniature artwork.


Video – Portrait


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