Mixed Technique (GB)

Deutsche VersionWhen Fekete wants to paint spontaneously and has no canvas or wood as a base for a picture, he has known for a long time that he doesnʻt need to take a bed sheet as a substitute.

Instead, he has used old calender pages or other scrap of art paper with a smooth finish which does not absorb any paint for his fine glazing technique.
The oil paint layer is applied wafer thin with a spatula and allowed to dry.

Thus, he has achieved a slightly crusty paint surface on which he starts the picture composition he envisions with gouache tempera paint; this second layer of paint is varnished; the third layer shows already the picture elements more clearly; any incidental effects are welcome.

The procedure of thin paint applications that are varnished is repeated several times; the brush is gradually replaced by the spatula.

Finally this mixture which initially started from a bed of oil paint gets a last varnish. After the drying process the mixed technique painting is mounted on a fiberboard. Even the finest paint application, every detail is clearly visible with this painting method, while the contours in oil pictures remain fluent.

Video – Portrait


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