Colour woodcuts (GB)

Deutsche VersionEsteban Fekete having already sold oil paintings during several stays in Germany, when he was invited to deliver commercially appealing posters for an exhibition planned to take placeWv 18 Der Spiegelin the Frankfurter Kunstkabinett Hanna Bekker vom Rath (Frankfurt Art Cabinet Hanna Bekker vom Rath).

At first being at a loss, a nearby coffin maker gave him some boards to start with on his own. With great care he created a half-nude and cut five plates fort he very first colour woodcut in his life. Taken by surprise he noticed that when dyeing that all of his valuable and expensive tubes of oil paints dimished rapidly; he did not know that it was practice to dye the absorbing wood with printer’s ink that was far cheaper.

When the poster was done he was very disappointed as a lot of intended details could not be seen; but the disappointment was only on his side. The poster went down well immediately and the complete edition was sold out very fast.

That was the beginning. By fortune a way had been pointed out to him for the future to transform him and his unmistakable art, paintings of very fine surfaces of oil paints, to a Fekete colour wood cut. This led him in every direction and finally ended up in about 750 editions only counting his graphical artwork.


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