Treasuries (GB)

Deutsche VersionInitially dictated more by chance, playfully and never according to fixed rules Fekete painted on floor tiling, on wall tiling and enamel. Resistance of material and the limited capacity of the oven inspired his fantasies and experimentations and induced ideas for further work.

They can be found on houses, in daily use, as decoration and mainly at the luxury edition of bibliophile books, the covers of which are furnished with enamel vignette.

A special chapter is the alienate repaint. Even here coincidence was at work. One day in far away Ireland there was no appropriate postcard available for a hastily greeting.

The artist alienated a cheap postcard through a funny paint afresh. The resonance led to further repaints, happy were the friendly collectors, who received such an unique copy, unhappy when it arrived damaged. They asked for protective envelops which inspired the artist to a repaint of an old stamp on the postcard.

In recent years he recognized what kind of imagination has been in these miniatures. He arranged them in a pile himself and sometimes such conceptual designs were the beginning of a marvelous painting.


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