Video-Portrait (GB)

vid2Deutsche VersionBack in 1961 Esteban Fekete was looking for a production method for an exhibition poster. Right off, he achieved such an extraodinary colour woodcut that it was sold out within two days. Ever since then a great number of unmistakable „Fekete colour woodcuts“ appeared over the years. Their artistic objective, their specific wealth of very fine colour shades made them quickly a trademark in Germany and beyond.

In 1999 movie producer Gerald Schäfer selected this artist and his life and work as topic for his Diploma Thesis. He interviewed Esteban Fekete in his home where a successfull artist’s portrait was created. The following six-minute extract of the video clip yields an impressive survey.

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Film: Gerald Schäfer, Markt Schwaben
Musik: / Sascha Ende
Titel: Sonnengruss

Video – Portrait


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